Animal Welfare Church Congress - 13 Oct 2010  
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In animal welfare news, the first Animal Welfare Church Congress is held in Dortmund, Germany. It was organized by Action Church and Animals (AKUT), an animal advocacy group seeking to increase awareness about the rights of our fellow beings in the church and in society. Promoting the theme, “Blessed are Humans and Animals,” there were church services, workshops, cultural performances, and seminars. Representatives from Protestant and Roman Catholic Christian churches were invited, as well as those from Judaism and Islam. They brought important messages of safeguarding animals to the public.

Reverend Dr. Rainer Hagencord
Founder of the Institute of Theological Zoology

(In German)
Reverend Dr. Rainer Hagencord (m): To concentrate the spiritual forces for saving fellow creatures, that is what needs to happen now.

Her Highness Princess Maja von Hohenzollern
Popular television host, humanitarian

(In German)
Her Highness Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (f): Animals definitely have a soul, they are very precious, and a day without animals definitely is a lost day.I have a lot of hope that above all we truly are able to make a difference for the animals.

ANCHOR: They also raised the significance of adopting a plant-based diet.

Reverend Dr. Ulrich Seidel
Chairman, Action Church and Animals

(In German)
Reverend Dr. Ulrich Seidel (m): If we see what happens in industrial factory farming, yes, that is simply a scandal. We have to adjust our attitude to life and our way of life. And there remains only the vegetarian or vegan alternative, actually.

Dr. Hanna Rheinz
Founder of Jewish Animal Protection Initiative, Chairperson

(In German)
Dr. Hanna Rheinz (f): This story of creation is unequivocal vegetarian, even vegan. The most important message:“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

Dr. Helmut F. Kaplan
Austrian philosopher, renowned author
Pioneer of the animal rights movement

(In German)
Dr. Helmut F. Kaplan (m): Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Bravo, Action Church and Animals, for planning this meaningful meeting. Also, our sincere gratitude, all participating speakers, for your call to increase the compassion and respect for our caring animal friends. May our entire planet soon adopt a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle to express love to every being.
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