SAVE OUR PLANET - Efforts underway to save oil-soaked penguins in Argentina - 05 Oct 2010  
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SAVE OUR PLANET... Oil-covered penguins rescued in Argentina. During their annual migration as they traveled thousands of miles from Brazil, 141 Magellan penguins were discovered coated with oil off Argentina’s southern Patagonian coast. Although some were 80% covered with oil, and 11 had succumbed to poisoning from the contamination, the remaining birds are being cleaned and cared for by rescue workers at an emergency clinic in Chubut province, to prepare them for their release back into nature. Although officials have not found the oil’s source, Chubut provincial Governor Mario Das Neves pledged to locate those responsible. Magellan penguins, which reside exclusively in South America, are considered a threatened species, primarily because of oil spills as well as climate change, which is causing them to have to travel farther for food.

Although it saddens us to know of those who perished, we are thankful for the lifesaving efforts of the Argentine rescue personnel and for Governor Mario Das Neves’ concern. As we realize more and more the precious gifts bestowed through these creations of the Divine, may we all strive to ensure the safety of their lives and homes as we would our own. 

During a July 2008 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the effects of humanity’s actions with regard to other beings, highlighting our need to preserve the balance of all life. 

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Formosa (Taiwan) - July 5, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Indeed it’s a sad news as some companies or individuals are not responsible because they do not perceive the impact of their actions, and the consequences on the environment if they are careless. So many marine species have suffered, decreased, or completely been wiped out of existence, due to such other’s and careless actions. Oil spills and all that, garbage disposal and all that is harming the environment and killing the wilds a lot.

So I suggest that stricter rules must be imposed to protect the sea, the water, which is our life, which is also our protector in terms of balancing our ecosystems and sustains our planetary equilibrium, and sustains our lives. 

We’ve been warned from all sides. It is time that we take heed now and return to our natural loving self. Manifest our love outwardly by protecting, respecting all lives, in action. Meaning again: being a vegetarian, abstain from all animal products.
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