India declares elephant as national heritage animal - 7 Sep 2010  
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To address the dwindling numbers of some 26,000 Asian elephants in India, especially males who have been illegally killed for their tusks, the majestic animal is now being offered protection in being recognized as the icon of the nation’s heritage.

With some places having only one male elephant amongst every 100 females, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh stated, “We need to give the same degree of importance to the elephant as is given to the tiger.”

Besides proposing a national elephant conservation authority for better preservation as well as improved protection for working elephants, a 12-member panel commissioned by the government has also called for educating officials, training forest guards and providing more modern equipment to assist in their care.

Our accolades Indian government for your commitment to protecting our giant and humble elephant friends. May the elephants of India and the rest of the world be graced to receive the love, care and respect they so deserve.
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