Puppy saves boy from swarm of bees - 4 Sep 2010  
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When nine-year-old Richie Bragg of Ohio, USA encountered a swarm of bees in his yard, he was stung four times on his foot while running for the house. It was then that his young 18-week-old dog 'Pinky' came to the rescue by distracting and diverting the bees so that he could escape. Richie, who has a blood condition and could face medical emergency if he was stung further, made it back inside the house, while the swarm of bees stayed with Pinky.

Swollen all over from 40 bee stings, Pinky was rushed to the local animal hospital for treatment, and she is now nearly recovered. Crediting the boxer puppy for his rescue, Richie said, “Pinky, you really saved my life!”A big bravo Pinky for your courage and loyalty in diverting the bees to save your beloved human friend.

May you and Richie be fully restored to health and enjoy many years of cherished companionship together. For her self-sacrificing act of love, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring Pinky with the Shining World Hero Award along with US$200 for vegan snacks.

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