Generous donor supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - 3 Sep 2010  
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US businessman and philanthropist Holland M. Ware has donated US$1.4 million to further PETA’s campaigns. In particular, US$1 million will go toward helping PETA put an end to cruel circus treatment of animals such as baby elephants through a campaign that seeks to raise awareness especially in young students.

Saying that he finds himself very upset to know of the animal mistreatment in industries such as circus entertainment, Mr. Ware said he is happy to be able to help provide PETA with more tools to halt such practices.

With other giving endeavors that include founding the Holland M. Ware Cancer Research Center at Emory University in Georgia, Mr. Ware has also set up a national hotline for people to report the inhumane activity of dogfighting. Heaven bless Mr. Holland Ware’s generosity and kind heart.

May the day soon come when animals and humans come together in love and respect as a family co-inhabiting our planet.
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