Teenage girls raise funds to rescue horse from slaughter - 31 Aug 2010  
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A group of five horse-riding girls from Delaware, USA, who have dubbed themselves “The Sweet Meadow Stable 2010 Rescue Team,” has successfully rescued five-year-old Rosco from being sold to a slaughterhouse for meat.

They did this by raising over US$1,000 through bake sales, baby-sitting, business sponsorships and other activities. Speaking of their new equine friend Rosco, 13-year-old Peyton Carter said, “He turned out to be the most wonderful horse.” 

With help from their horse-riding teacher and owner of Sweet Meadow Stables, Ms. Shelley Wright-Estevam, who herself has rescued 20 horses over the past 10 years, the girls plan to continue their fund-raising efforts in the hope of purchasing and rescuing more horses.

Kudos and bravo, all five young heroines and Ms. Wright-Estevam, for your noble efforts that give horses like Rosco another chance to live and love.

Wishing you much joy with your appreciative equine companions and that all people may soon offer only dignity and respect to all our animal co-inhabitants.
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