Supreme Master Television’s All-Star 4th Anniversary Concert,
“Gifting Peace” Airs September 7-14
Donna Lewis, Karen Ziemba, Liz Callaway, Melba Moore, and Melissa Manchester
perform the world premiere of songs based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry

LOS ANGELES - Supreme Master Television celebrates the 4th year of constructive programming  with a star-studded concert entitled, “Gifting Peace” to begin airing on the channel on September 7, 2010.

Mr. Bob Jimenez, representative of California State Senator Ron Calderon, stated, “State Senate of California commends and salutes your constructive programming, as you and the artistic community commemorate the occasion of your milestone achievement.”

With enthusiastic participation of esteemed individuals, the concert promises a memorable journey to artistic realms through outstanding poetry, music, and dance. Hosted by passionate vegans NBA champion John Salley and CNN & CBS legal analyst Lisa Bloom, the program features Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts as guest speaker; veg and animal-loving celebrity presenters to include Emmy winner Lindsay Wagner, Spice Williams-Crosby, Trina Parks, Patrick Kilpatrick, Yogi Cameron Alborzian, Brandi Williams; and traditional dance ensembles – truly a gathering of compassion, talent, and beauty!

“On behalf of all artists and entertainers involved, I’d like to add that we’re so glad to have this chance to be inspired by her poetry and bring it forth for a wider audience to enjoy through this concert. Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai is an extraordinary lady who gives and gives with compassion and grace,” expressed Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Dark Knight).

New songs adapted from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry will be making their world premiere. Enthralled by the poet's sublime verses, eminent American composers were inspired to set them in the universal language of music, and new masterpieces were lovingly brought into being. Extraordinary composers of these exquisite creative offerings include2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha (The Poseidon Adventure), Oscar and Emmy-winning Bill Conti (Rocky, James Bond For Your Eyes Only, 19-time Academy Awards music director), Grammy winner Bill Cunliffe (Westside Story Medley), and Oscar and Grammy-winning David Shire (“I’ll Never Say Goodbye”/Melissa Manchester, “Starting Here, Starting Now”/Barbra Streisand).

Al Kasha shared, “Master Ching Hai is a terrific poetess. I didn’t change one word in any of her poems. It takes a lot of heart and a lot of soul to be a good poetic writer. The words have tone, and I think that’s a very important factor to know…. But she does it so naturally, you wouldn’t think that someone actually didn’t teach her, but probably God taught her. He gave her that gift.”  

The splendid lyrics and melodious music are superbly conveyed  by acclaimed musicians: multi-platinum recording artist Donna Lewis (I Love You Always Forever), performing her own magical compositions of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry; Tony Award winner Karen Ziemba; Grammy nominee Kashif; lyric soprano Leah Allers; Emmy winner and Tony nominee Liz Callaway; Tony Award winner Melba Moore;  Grammy winner Melissa Manchester; all-time favorite Aulacese (Vietnamese) male vocalist Tuấn Ngọc and pop diva Trần Thu Hà.

“The hopes I was trying to convey to the audience—because I was singing the words of Supreme Master, and they all already have a feeling of belovedness for her—was to try to capture the inner life of the writer who would come up with those images and those words. That’s my job. And I hope because of David Shire’s expanse of music that we created an inner life for Supreme Master’s words to come through, for the emotions to come through, to connect with the audiences,” said singer/songwriter Melissa Manchester (Midnight Blue).

Supreme Master Ching Hai graced the concert via teleconference as the guest of honor and shared her insights during a spontaneous question-and-answer session about love, peace, and forgiveness, and what it can mean for ourselves, our gentle animal co-inhabitants, and our beautiful planet. She said, “Deep down in our heart, we are all love and all peace...We must always forgive, must always love, must always love thy enemy. That’s the only way we can become a higher being and become closer and closer to God.”

In addition, for her prodigious endeavors to assist humanity as a world renowned humanitarian, artist and spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai was recognized with a Presidential Award from United States President His Excellency Barack Obama, presented by The Honorable Mike Davis, California State Assemblymember.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s precious poems, along with the composers’ soaring melodies and the singers’ phenomenal voices, are invaluable gifts from the hearts. And from such a tender place of love within each one of us, may an era of harmony for all creation soon ascend on the wings of divine grace.

Broadcasting on Supreme Master Television, “Gifting Peace” anniversary concert will air in 7 episodes on September 7-8 and 10-14, 2010 at the following times: 2AM/PM, 8 AM/PM (USA PST).

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About Supreme Master Ching Hai:
A world renowned humanitarian, artist, poet and spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai is the inspiration for the international channel, Supreme Master Television. Author of three international #1 best sellers, “The Dogs in My Life,” “The Birds in My Life” and “The Noble Wilds,” Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly conveys her vision of caring friendship among all countries and co-inhabitants of the Earth. She donates the proceeds from her creative works to many charitable projects around the world to help humans in need and protect our vulnerable animal friends.

About Supreme Master Television:
Supreme Master Television is an international, non-profit channel airing constructive news and programs that foster peace and promote healthy, green living. Broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, USA since 2006, our free-to-air channel offers high-quality and relevant shows around the clock on 14 satellite platforms and on 77 cable and IPTV networks, in more than 60 languages and over 40 language subtitles to date. Our channel is also accessible online at, with high quality video and streaming audio broadcast, as well as live mobile TV streaming on Windows Smartphones and iPhones.

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